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Flavors of Israel

Olive oil, za‘atar, coffee, honey,pomegranate wine... all parts of the delicious cuisine of Israel. These Holy Land ingredients are inspired Holy Land gifts for the foodie or cook in your life. Using them makes the meal that much more special. learn more ...

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Buy Israeli food products on-line from JesusBoat.com. JesusBoat.com offers tasty flavors of the Holy Land. Israel food products include Holy Land Olive Oil, Elite Chocolate, Israel Dates, Israeli Jam, and Israeli Honey. JesusBoat.com also offers Israel teas and Israel coffees. Taste the very essence of the Holy Land with Israeli cuisine. Israeli food products are 100% made in the Holy Land by Israeli farmers. A lot of Israel food is grown in the Galilee. Due to the mild climate, Israel food can be produced year round. Israel cuisine today includs much of the same food found in the Bible. Israeli food products make great gifts for loved ones who like unusual gifts. It can be fun to receive a jar of delicious Israel honey or sweet Elite Chocolate. Israel cuisine can be enjoyed by one and all, young and old. 

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